Thinking the future of our fibers

CMPC is a global company with a 100-year history that provides sustainable solutions to its customers and consumers.

CMPC develops innovative products to contribute to the transition toward a circular bioeconomy that generates value and provides tangible alternatives to consumers and customers. It is in the business of manufacturing and marketing wood, pulp, packaging, sanitary products, out-of-home products, and tissue paper to satisfy people's needs, highlighting their quality, competitiveness, and renewable-resource-based manufacturing.

It operates as part of international alliances contributing to the planet´s sustainability, boosting local economies, and positively impacting the communities with whom it shares territory.

100years of
11countries with operations
46total plants
90,3%of proprietary forestry assets are certified in sustainable forestry management
79%of all self-generated electrical energy comes from non-conventional renewable energies, with biomass being the main source
385,726hectares of conservation and restoration
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Thinking the future of our fibers